RM2DM is a tool for automatic generation of OO design model from requirements models. The benefits of RM2DM are as follows:

  1. Automatic generation of the class diagram. RM2DM can generate fabricated classes, decompose the system operations into primitive operations and encapsulate primitive operations into classes. The class diagram describes the design of the static structure of the system.
  2. Automatic generation of sequence diagrams. RM2DM can generate sequence diagrams for each system operation based on system sequence diagrams and system operation contracts. Unlike system sequence diagrams that describe the interactions between users and the system, sequence diagrams illustrate the dynamic behavioral design inside the system in terms of how objects within the system collaborate to accomplish system operations.

The video cast its feature is listed as follows (Youtube):

RM2DM Installation


RM2DM is an advanced feature of RM2PT. We recommend you to use RM2DM in RM2PT. If you don’t have RM2PT, download here.

Online Installation

Open RM2PT, click on Help -> Install New Software


Type http://rm2pt.com/RM2DM-UpdateSite in the Work with field, select DesignModelGenerator and click Next.


Offline Installation

If the update site does not work, you can choose to install it offline. Click here to download RM2DM. Follow the steps below to install.





RM2DM Tutorial


In order to generate the documentation, you need a requirements model, the RM2PT project. For creating or importing a RM2PT project,you can see the tutorial here. We recommend importing RM2PT projects from Git, which is avaliable at CaseStudies. The tutorial is here.

Generate Design Model

Here we use CoCoME as an example.

After you import CoCoME requirements model from Git, you can generate the design model from the requirements model by right click on cocome.remodel -> RM2PT-Dev-> Generate Design Model


The generated design model is in the DesignModel folder


Generated Class Diagram(After adjusting layout)


Generated Sequence Diagram